Making Open Research Easy

The Penn Wharton Credibility Lab was launched in September of 2018.
Its mission is to make open research irresistibly easy to use by providing online platforms that make it simple for authors to post, and for readers to find and understand, the information that makes published research more credible.

ResearchBox is a platform that makes it easy for researchers to share research files (pre-registration, materials, data, code, & more). Uploaded files are organized into “Bingo Tables” that allow readers to easily find & access available files. Among many key features in ResearchBox: all datasets have codebooks and quick previews (regardless of size), code and codebooks are searchable, all files in a box can be downloaded with one click, and more. ResearchBox was launched in October 2020; see this blogpost announcement for an overview 

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Groundhog is an R package (statistical software) that makes it easy for researchers to write R scripts that will be reproducible, that is, that they will continue to produce the results they originally produced, as R and its packages are updated over time. Making R scripts reproducible with groundhog merely requires that authors use the command ‘groundhog.library()’ instead of ‘library()’. Groundhog was added to CRAN in November 2020.

AsPredicted is a platform that makes it easy for researchers to pre-register their studies, and easy for others to read and evaluate those pre-registrations. To pre-register a study on AsPredicted, a researcher answers nine simple questions about their research design and analyses. The platform then generates a short, time-stamped pre-registration document that is easy to share and easy to read. AsPredicted was launched in December 2015.

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